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Reele is a prototype application for audio professionals to showcase their work and connect with other audiophiles. This application is no longer accessible on, so please feel free to watch our live demo and/or read the case study below.

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The idea for Reele came about from products like Dribbble, Vimeo, and other applications where creators in specific creative fields can neatly display their work, find inspiration, and network with other creators and/or employers. Our team realized that there is no one-stop-shop for audio professionals.

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Reele aimed to fill a void for all audio professionals. We considered the fact that applications like SoundCloud and Bandcamp exist but they gear more towards music. For film composers and sound designers, they may use Vimeo or YouTube. There didn't seem to be one place for all audio engineers to host their work in an elegant way that encouraged interaction and discovery within the industry.

Another demographic within the audio professional space that felt underrepresented to us was audio engineers. They are indispensable in the creation process but rarely have a place to showcase their projects. Often times, unless they have their own websites, audio engineers need to whip up their own reel, host them in various cloud-based storage spaces, and send along files via email. This inspired us to provide structured categories as well as custom tags for every project.

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As a former filmmaker and photographer, I have used many tools to host my work. A big inspiration for Reele's dashboard came from my experience with Vimeo. We wanted Reele users to have the ability to not only showcase their portfolio publicly but also use it to host projects privately, allowing them to pass work around their network for feedback, send current work-in-progress versions to clients, or show potential employers projects they are not allowed to publicly display.

We also wanted users to be able to connect and stay connected within the app. Pulling inspiration from Dribbble's emphasis on connecting employers with potential employees, a messaging feature felt necessary. Enabling users to showcase their work, host any project - public or private, connect with others, find inspiration, and link their other digital profiles felt like a more complete experience than what other audio-hosting applications provided.

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